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Student Support Plans (SSPs)

Student Support Plans (SSPs)

A Student Support Plan is devised for students with additional educational needs. All students listed on the Templeogue College AEN register have a SSP which facilitates the tracking and monitoring of specific targets that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time based (SMART). Students’ progress is also monitored including specific interventions, levels of support and referrals.

The Student Support Files allows the school to track the student’s pathway through the Continuum of support - right from the start of the support process, and onwards, if necessary, through to the School Support (for Some) and School Support Plus (for a Few) levels.

First Year Students

A Student Support File will be opened for students transferring to Templeogue College with identified needs from primary School. All information gathered in relation to a student with AEN will be stored securely, treated confidentially and used only for educational purposes. A profile of the student will be developed from:

  • Information on the student’s application form and documentation provided on enrolment
  • Information given by parents / guardians who contact the school directly to discuss their child’s needs
  • Psychological or other assessments provided to the school
  • Primary School Passports
  • Assessment tests carried out after enrolment and other assessments as appropriate (for example assessment of behavioural/social skills)
  • Information provided by visiting teachers or other external multiagency professionals involved with the student.

All incoming first year students take a Cognitive Ability Test CAT4 in September and the P-PADE test in October. These tests are used to identify strengths and needs of students with additional educational needs. This data is used to help identify students who may need additional support including exceptionally able students.

Existing students with Emerging Needs

When concerns regarding the learning/progress of existing students are raised by parents, staff or by the student themselves, the student support team and the AEN core team will work to ensure the relevant assessments be carried out.

‘Students who have needs that emerge during their post-primary education, would typically have their needs met through the Continuum, by first receiving Support for All. The process of identifying needs, gathering information and planning and reviewing interventions, will help identify students with higher levels of need who will need additional support. In turn, the processes inherent in School Support (for some), will identify those needing School Support Plus (for few). Therefore, students with emerging needs might typically work their way through the levels of support, as needed. Of course, many students will be able to have their needs met at School Support and will not need the level of support needed at School Support Plus, while others might need School Support for a period of time and then revert to Support for All. However, sometimes a student will be ‘fast-tracked’ because needs emerge quickly and require intensive levels of support’ (Continuum of Support, NEPS, p. 10, 1.4.2).

When a student support file is opened, a member of the AEN Team is assigned responsibility for maintaining the file while supports are in place.


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