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School Captain and Vice-Captain

School Captain and Vice-Captain

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A Message from our School Captain, Daragh Butler

Being a student in Templeogue College is more than putting on a uniform each morning and sitting through classes for eight hours. It is being part of a larger vision and being an active member in a community, feeling proud when you put on the yellow, blue and red crest. It is about looking out for those who have the same goal and vision as yourself and striving to be the best you can be and pushing yourself to be better. Templeogue College is more than a school; it is a Community and a Brotherhood where everybody feels a sense of pride and a responsibility for one another.

It is an absolute privilege to be a student in Templeogue College and an even greater privilege to have the honour of being the School Captain of this prestigious establishment. Templeogue College has helped shape me into the man I am today and for that I will be eternally grateful to the caring staff and teachers I have met along the way. I see fulfilling the role of school captain to the best of my abilities as a way of trying to give back to Templeogue College for all the school has given me. Throughout the year I look forward to building on and strengthening the legacy that this school already has in its locality and environ alongside my excellent Vice-Captain and friend Daniel.

This reputation of the school is evident by the large number of applications received each year for a place in first year and by the numbers advancing from the school to third level education.

It is with great pride that I am part of a school that is leading the way to develop a haven of education and extra curriculars for those in the community and surrounding areas, but particularly by the plans to build a state-of-the-art special education school on the College’s grounds.

The altruism shown by teachers and staff in Templeogue College has allowed to me to thrive not only in my academics, but also in my music and sports. To this, I commend all the teachers and staff who dedicate enormous amounts of time and effort to the students, even outside of normal school hours. This dedication will never be forgotten and always appreciated. As I walked through the gates as a first year, I could never have envisaged that I would win Dublin, Leinster and All Ireland medals playing School Basketball, win The Wesley Inter-school Music Competition, play saxophone in the National Concert Hall and the far-flung Cathedrals of Barcelona with the Basilicas of Italy are now firmly in our sights.

The students and staff of Templeogue College are all immensely proud of each other and their achievements, let that be sporting, music, art, chess, foreign language debating, poetry or any of the other extra-curricular activities on offer here in the Templeogue College. My time here in Templeogue College is unfortunately coming to an end. Over the past 5+ years here, I have made memories and learned lessons that will stick with me for life.

As I continue on my journey, I will always keep Templeogue College close to my heart and be proud to call myself a member of this great establishment and community.

And from our Vice-Captain, Daniel Ryan

My heart fills with pride whenever I get the opportunity to declare I attend Templeogue and now that I am Vice-Captain of the college it is an even greater honour. The college has allowed me to prosper in the classroom and on the playing fields. Furthermore, I’ve had the opportunity to develop as a man and establish my own values. This could not have happened without the help of my teachers, and fellow classmates.

The Templeogue College teachers’ passion and total commitment to the students really helps everyone realise their potential. The mutual respect between teachers and pupils alike creates a positive atmosphere in class, teaching students the value of respect or in the words of the school’s motto, ‘In Virtue Scientia’, ‘Education Rooted in Values’.

This mutual respect comes from the higher powers, Ms Quinn, and Mr Guilmartin. Their avid support for every student in every field of their teenage lives as well as their persistent enthusiasm around the hallways is inspiring. Coupled with their exciting vision and plans for the school gives me a greater sense of pride in the Red White and Blue of Templeogue.

I love Templeogue College because of the community it has built. There is something for everyone in the school between subject options, sport activities, world class band and an inclusive art programme. All non-curricular activities experience the undying support of all those within the walls of the college. Every young man is grateful for their spot in the school, this can be experienced through the fraternity atmosphere around the hallways. Attending Templeogue College is any man’s, “ticket to the chocolate factory”, it’s a place where young men can thrive in a supportive and inclusive environment. That is why I love Templeogue College.

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