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Models of AEN Provision

Some students will be placed at ‘School Support’ on entry to post-primary because their needs are known and documented prior to transitioning to Templeogue College. For some students, needs will emerge over time and typically, the student will have been at ‘Support for All’ for some time and it will have been found that a greater level of support is required.

Depending on the needs of the individual student the following approach to support will be considered:

  • Curricular differentiation
  • Team Teaching / Co-operative Teaching
  • In-class support/differentiation
  • Inclusion of SNA in specific classes
  • Small group withdrawal
  • Individual withdrawal
  • Organisational skills
  • Social skills
  • Curricular reduction

The period of intervention recommended to each student is dependent on the nature and extent of their individual need. The decision on withdrawal of students versus co-teaching is based on the extent of the needs and levels of the students. The duration of provision is varied and is reviewed throughout the intervention. There are cases where support is needed on a short-term basis, after which the student is in a position to recommence with the regular curriculum. All decisions in this regard are discussed with parents/guardians, subject teachers, the student, principal and AEN-Coordinator.

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