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Gifted and More Able Students

Gifted and More Able Students

Gifted and More Able Students are those who are achieving or who have the potential to achieve, at a level substantially beyond the rest of their peer group inside the school. This may be in one or more of the following areas:

  • General intellectual ability or talent
  • Specific academic aptitude or talent
  • Visual and performing arts and sports
  • Leadership ability
  • Creative and productive thinking
  • Problem solving ability
  • Mechanical ingenuity
  • Special abilities in empathy, understanding and negotiation

In comparison with their peers, when engaged in their area of expertise, gifted and talented students will tend to:

  • Show a passion for particular subjects or areas of interest and seek to pursue them
  • Master the rules of a domain easily and transfer their insights to new problems
  • Analyse their own behaviour and hence use a greater range of learning strategies than others (self-regulation)
  • Make connections between past and present learning
  • Demonstrate intellectual curiosity
  • Show intellectual maturity and enjoy engaging in depth with subject material
  • Actively and enthusiastically engage in debate and discussion on a particular subject
  • Produce original and creative responses to common problems.

Before identifying any student as gifted or talented in a particular area, we aim to ensure all students have had the opportunity to learn and succeed in that area. A gifted or talented student can be identified using a variety of methods. The specific procedure will vary according to the subject area but may include elements of the following:

  • Teacher nomination
  • Year Head nomination
  • Coach nomination
  • Assessment results within school
  • Assessment results outside school
  • CAT4 and DATS testing
  • Reports carried out by Educational Psychologists
  • Identification by a previous teacher or school
  • Identification by a primary school
  • Identification by an external agency or organisation, such as the State Examinations Commission
  • Primary school reports

Templeogue College works to support gifted and more able students by aiming to:

  • Ensure that all students are suitably challenged in all lessons so that gifted, and more able students make appropriate levels of progress
  • Provide the opportunities for differentiated work/resources and opportunities for open-ended homework
  • Develop and provide opportunities for extension work/projects and provide appropriate pastoral care
  • Provide opportunities for professional development of teachers when available to inform teaching strategies e.g. make contact with experts external to the school
  • Provide a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities to encourage talent to flourish
  • Provide mentoring and additional provision for students of exceptional ability where deemed appropriate
  • Promote the development of independent learning by allowing students to organise their own work, to carry out tasks unaided, evaluate their work and become self-critical.

The college will continue to cater for these students through the curriculum on offer and also through the extra-curricular activities which students are encouraged to participate in.

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