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Mission Statement and Ethos

Mission Statement and Ethos

Mission Statement

Templeogue College aims to provide a Catholic education which strives to:

  • Be responsive to the needs of students in 21st century Ireland.
  • Stimulate the physical, intellectual, moral, emotional and spiritual growth of the students.
  • Cultivate respect for God, the Church, God's creation and for our cultural heritage.
  • Be conscious of its own unique Holy Ghost traditions enhanced by Irish, European and world-wide educational experience.
  • Be responsive to the needs and aspirations of both parents and students.
  • Offer a focused and directed religious education and pastoral care programme.
  • Prepare students for appropriate careers.
  • Promote personal responsibility.

Global Citizenship Education

As part of Worldwide Global Schools

We are really proud to have received a Diplomatic Citizens Passport Award from World Wise Schools for our established engagement with Global Citizenship Education. This process aligns with our values in allowing us to realise our rights, responsibilities and potential as global citizens in a rapidly changing, interdependent and unequal world, to explore the root causes of global justice issues and to take meaningful action for a just and sustainable world. We now look forward to working towards our Silver Diplomatic Passport Award.

Novena 2021

Mission Statement and Ethos
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