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Identification of Students with AEN

Identification of Students with AEN

Identification of Students with AEN

Model of Organisation

On entry into First Year, students are placed in classes of mixed ability, based on alphabetical order. All students have the opportunity to study core subjects (English, Maths and Irish) at higher or ordinary level, in consultation with parents and teachers. Students exempt from Irish who are identified as having additional educational needs, receive support when Irish is timetabled. Support teaching is provided in consultation with the students, parents/guardians and teachers.

School based identification

A subject teacher, class teacher and/or Year Head can refer any student they are concerned about to the AEN Department. There is a process of formal and informal assessment conducted by the AEN-Coordinator.

Informal Assessment

  • Observations from subject teachers, class teachers or Year Head.
  • Consultation with parents.
  • Meeting with student.

Formal Assessment

  • Review of transfer information from primary school
  • Review of Incoming Assessments, in house exams and reports
  • Behavioural/Performance record if appropriate
  • WIAT-3-T
  • DASH Handwriting Speed test

Following this profiling stage recommendations are made as to possible support.

These recommendations might include:

  • No need for further action
  • Needs for monitoring / support in mainstream setting
  • Learning Support or Social Skills Training
  • Referral to outside agencies

All information/data gathered is recorded in the student’s file. Parents are informed of recommendations and supports to be implemented.

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