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Temple Talks - Change Makers

Temple Talks - Change Makers

Our sixth year students got to take a break from studying and enjoy a day of speeches, given to them by all members of every school year. The speeches were impressively varied, with a wide, eclectic range of topics being presented to the audience. We listened to moving political speeches, the history of Trinidadian dancing traditions!, and everything in between.

Many of the speeches revolved around the pivotal theme of mental health and well-being, and often reflected the feelings of the audience themselves. Whether the subject was serious or comedic, you could tell that everyone was really invested in what their fellow students had to say. The speakers commanded the audience, and the atmosphere of the room reflected the atmosphere of the speeches; passionate, interested, and above all, willing to talk and willing to listen.

There is a liberation that comes with being given a platform to speak, and today offered us all the opportunity to have our voice heard. It allowed us to speak our minds; to share our experiences; to lend a helping hand to those who need it. I can’t stress enough how important it is for young people to know they have a voice, and it’s gratifying to see that Templeogue College is responding to that need.

Daragh MacLachlan, Transition Year

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