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National Poetry Day

Celebrate National Poetry day, Thursday 30th April by reading some poetic masterpieces written by some of very talented pupils
National Poetry Day

Celebrate National Poetry day, Thursday 30th April by reading some pieces written by some very talented pupils from our community. These young poets were nurtured by our collective English faculty but in particular Ms. Byrne and Ms. Caldwell. Congratulations to all involved. This years inspiration was the phrase "There will be time".

The collected works can be found here. Please find one below

The Oil Tank

By Jake Murray (Leaving Certificate 2020)

I spent Saturday Cementing blocks onto blocks,

Talking to men I had known for years

But only then did we see the other

As we mixed the grey into the brown,

Talking of things going and coming around –

Not much was said in our idle chatter.

As his blade scraped against the stone,

I went off to carry the next load –

As I worked I sang an old tune;

He caught wind of it and

From there our treatise bloomed.

We talked about the old song that I love,

And the old way it was sung –

Smoke in the mouth, whiskey in hand –

Recounting that which will be no more.

And we talked about the old way:

They fascinated by what is

I enthralled by what once was.

I learned a great deal about them then:

He supported the American, I the Long Fellow;

We both respected Brugha,

Both regretted the pointless uncivil war.

It was not said but I expect each of us knew,

With all that had changed

Hard work still remained much the same.

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