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All pupils in Templeogue College enjoy the benefits of Physical Education and we encourage students to participate for many reasons. By becoming involved in sports it develops teamwork and problem-solving skills, it boosts self-esteem and confidence and reduces pressure and stress.

During the course of the year, pupils experience a wide range of activities, from all the major field games to Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Olympic Handball, Gymnastics, Circuit Training, Orienteering and Athletics. Emphasis is also placed on Wellbeing and Health Education.

By providing such variety and by encouraging all to participate, it is hoped that each student will develop a healthy interest in at least one sport which will lead to further interest and involvement in that sport after he has left the school. While great efforts are made in the area of extra-curricular activities to bring success to the school, this is a secondary consideration to the provision of a comprehensive Physical Education programme to all our students. Templeogue College supports and promotes ‘Sport for All’.

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The competition encourages students to investigate a local litter or waste issue and report their findings through a written article, video clip or photograph report.
Celebrate National Poetry day, Thursday 30th April by reading some poetic masterpieces written by some of very talented pupils
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