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School Captain and Vice-Captain

School Captain and Vice-Captain

School Captain - Dylan Laird


I’ve been a pupil in Templeogue College since 2014, and now in my final year I find myself as the school captain. The college has taught me a lot over the past six years. Academically I’ve been pushed to excel and reach my potential. The school recognises the importance of academic study,whilst also placing an emphasis on finding out the type of men we aspire to be. I’m happy to say I’ve been taught to respect others during my time here. Everyday we strive to improve our knowledge, and even though some days are easier than others we learn that our education is rooted in the values; values that we try to uphold from our first day here. For these reasons and many more I’m proud to be a student in Templeogue College.

School Vice Captain - Rohak Khakhar

133-BX0I3456.JPG I am filled with pride whenever I tell anyone that I attend Templeogue College. It’s a unique school with an extraordinary atmosphere where there is a palpable sense of fraternity and benevolence down the corridors of this school. There is a constructive relationship between teachers and students which aids in the learning process. The undying support for our school sports teams and our school band is patently evident amongst the students.

Our teachers contain an everlasting passion to assist students become the best they can be. They have a holistic appreciation not only for their own subjects, but all subjects in general. They will all go the extra mile to help us unlock our full potential. Furthermore, the Spiritan values embedded in the education process here consistently produce strong results and it’s why our school motto is “In Virtute Scientia” or “Education Rooted in Values”.

As well as the school’s academics, our extracurricular department is equally competitive and successful. Every student has the opportunity to play a sport, with an extensive list of sports to choose from. The emphasis may be on rugby here, but the school provides excellently for students suited to other sports.

On top of that, our student band never fails to blow the school away with their phenomenal musical ability. What I feel makes the band so special is the fact that no prior experience with any instrument is needed so everyone is able to join.

Moreover, the school produces talented artists every year who create beautiful pieces of artwork that give our corridors character to complement the positive atmosphere in the school.

I love coming to this school not because of the great teachers, strong sports teams or the incredible music and art departments. I love coming to this school because of the community built here. Everyone is treated equally regardless of talent or potential. It’s a level playing field at Templeogue College where every single student is given the opportunity to excel in what they desire.

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