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What should I do if my son feels unwell?


If your son feels unwell whilst at home, please seek relevant medical advice and keep him home when there is any possibility that he has something that can be passed on to someone else.

Information regarding the symptoms of Coronavirus can be found here.

If a student displays an illness of any kind or feels unwell, they will be removed from class to our isolation room and we will contact home. If your son is sent home from school, please seek medical advice.

If he is isolating and well enough to complete his work, his class and homework will be available on Microsoft Teams. If he is unsure how to access this, please contact the school for help.

Return to school protocol

Any student who goes home, regardless of whether they have COVID symptoms or not, should stay out for at least 48 hours until fully recovered.
Any boy who goes home with symptoms is advised to contact a GP. If the GP does not deem it necessary for them to be tested they may return 48 hours after they are symptom free.
Any boy who is referred by a GP for a precautionary COVID test and then tests negative can return to school 48 hours after they have been symptom free unless advised otherwise by a GP to continue isolating.
Any boy who is contacted by the HSE as a close contact or who qualifies as a close contact by the school must self isolate for at least 10 days. They will be referred by a GP for at least one COVID test. They should not return without completing the necessary 10 days of isolation. The last 5 of these days must be symptom-free.
It is essential for the safety of everyone that all household members remain at home and restrict their movements if anyone in the household has symptoms, are awaiting a test, or have been informed that they are a close contact of a confirmed case.
Please contact the school before sending your son back to school so that the correct paperwork and processes can be completed.
Thank you for your help in ensuring the health of our school community.
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