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Free Access to Online Resources and Books


The following publishers have made their online resources, including books, free for the duration of the current situation.

We are grateful to the publishers and hope they are of some use to you as parents.

As always, please contact school if you need any help.


  • For all Edco books go to this site:
    https://www.edcolearning.ie/ and type in the relevant details below depending on year group.
  • JC Students (1st - 3rd)
    Username: jcedcobooks
    Password: edco2020
  • LC Students (5th + 6th)
    Username: lcedcobooks
    Password: edco2020


Message from Folens:

"To lend a helping hand to schools and parents over the coming weeks we are giving access to all our digital resources on FolensOnline.ie.

Parents and teachers can follow the steps below to get access":

  1. Go to https://www.folensonline.ie/registration/?r=t and click register
  2. Fill in a username, email and password
  3. For Roll Number use the code: Prim20


For these books;

  1. Click onto the following link: https://www.gillexplore.ie/products?Type=2&SubjectList=0&LevelList=0
  2. Search the subject you are looking for in the filter
  3. Add the year you are in in the filter
  4. Once you see your book just click on it and it should allow you full access.


The following steps will grant you access to all of the books on their site:

  1. Search for the book you'd like on the dashboard here:https://my.cjfallon.ie/dashboard/student-resources,
  2. Click the "eye" symbol in order to view it
  3. Register an account with them with your name + email address.


See all books here:


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